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Language Deficit begins in Infancy
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Despite Superior Performance, Pay Parity Eludes Some Pre-K Teachers

According to one recent report by the Campaign for Children and United Neighborhood Houses: By the city's own measures, Pre-K programs run by community-based organizations [like The Friends of Crown Heights Educational Centers] outperform their … [ continue ]

For Parents, Universal Pre-K Also Brings Economic Gain

In addition to providing life-changing educational opportunities for children, free Universal Pre-K also saves the average family as much as $10,000 a year in childcare costs.… [ continue ]

Language Deficit begins in Infancy

A landmark study by psychologists at Stanford University reveals that the language gap between rich and poor children may begin as early as infancy; the 2-year-old children of lower-income families may already be six months behind their more aff… [ continue ]


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